Ficus nitida end 2-9

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Ficus is an evergreen bonsai that is widespread in Asia. It is often considered an indoor bonsai because it can thrive in an apartment but only if it offers a lot of light.

+ Location: indoor
+ Origin: Asia, grown in our nursery for 20 years
+ Foliage: evergreen

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The ficus bonsai is generally considered a beginner's tree because many enthusiasts have been introduced to this art with it. However, it has all the qualities to make great bonsai, especially when you choose a plant with a well-developed trunk.

Caring for a ficus tree in bonsai

Location : Where there is a lot of light! Indoors next to a large south-facing bay window, the ideal would be veranda or greenhouse style, avoid putting it next to the radiator, possibility of putting it outside from spring to autumn in full sun!

Watering : It needs a substrate that is always moist. Water your ficus tree regularly while allowing the root ball to dry out slightly between waterings to avoid excess water. Watering should be done on a regular basis. In hot weather, it's every day ! Don't hesitate to mist the foliage for a long time when it's hot.

To do it right : water the entire root ball up to the roots, the water will drain away through the holes under the pot or bathe the tree in water (drenching) for a few minutes. We do not recommend putting a cup or container underneath your pot as the water will stagnate and can cause root rot. (Too much water = asphyxiation).

Repotting and substrate: Every 2/3 years in spring when the buds swell and new leaves appear. In the nursery, we use agricultural potting soil which is composed of black peat peat, eco-aged, topsoil, horse manure, pozzolana

Pruning : In early spring, remove unnecessary branches. During the growing season, prune to 5 to 7 leaves.

Fertilization : Blue Tomato/Flower Fertilizer NPK 12 12 17. You can use some and put a handful (small or large depending on the size of the pot) on the substrate from May to October, every 2 months alternating chemical/organic.

» Complete Guide to Caring for a Bonsai Ficus

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All our bonsai trees are unique. That's why they're referenced by numbers. These do not indicate the age of the tree. If you would like to know more about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We take care to pack each bonsai in custom-made wooden crates or reinforced cartons. The tree is well protected and tied to prevent any risk of breakage. Depending on the size and weight of your bonsai, shipping is carried out by specialized carriers: DPD (under 30kg) or GEODIS (+30kg).

Our priority is that the delivery goes smoothly. For this reason, shipments are rarely made on weekends and never during heat waves, to prevent your bonsai from transacting for too long. We regularly check and verify the tracking of your packages.

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The + of our bonsai nursery

The bonsai tree you see in the picture is really the one you are going to receive. To find out the dimension, refer to the scale on the side. Each product is unique and we take care to take photos that give you the most accurate preview possible of what you will receive.

All bonsai are produced in our large nursery in Lot-et-Garonne. They are therefore perfectly adapted to the climate of France, which is not always the case with Japanese imports.

We have more than 1000 bonsai trees for sale at the nursery and tens of thousands under cultivation and work. This site is only a meagre representation of our production, but it is impossible for us to put all our stock online. So if you're passing by, don't hesitate to visit us!