For questions about delivery, please contact Valentine Galinou


Delivery prices

Shipping costs include preparation, packaging and postage. Preparation costs are fixed, while shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the parcel.

Prices therefore vary according to the total weight of your order.

How is a bonsai delivered?

This question and its solution took a lot of thought. A bonsai is perhaps the worst thing you can transport, so how do you ensure that it arrives safely? While pines and junipers have fairly flexible foliage that can tolerate a few knocks, it's not the same for maples and their fine branching.

That's why we've set up a packing and shipping process that protects your purchase and ensures it arrives in perfect condition.

Packaging stages

step 01
delivery - step 1
First of all, the pot is copiously watered & wrapped in plastic film, which helps to limit water evaporation and therefore retain moisture during the journey. In fact, we observed that the substrate could still remain moist after being transported for more than 1 week.
step 02
delivery - step 2
The bonsai is then wrapped in bubble wrap and polystyrene, which we collect from rubbish tips and businesses in our region. This assembly is even better for holding the bonsai in place and absorbing any shocks.
step 03
delivery - step 3
A wooden structure is made to measure and the pottery is firmly attached to it; for smaller volumes, we simply use strong cardboard boxes (with triple fluting).
step 04
delivery - step 4
Finally, the whole assembly is wrapped in cardboard and stretch film for even greater protection.

Please note that we use recycled materials as much as possible to create the packaging. The wood for the structure comes from end-of-life pallets, and the polystyrene is recycled from large retailers who would have thrown it away. You might as well use it all one last time to transport your bonsai than to an incinerator!

Delivery step 1 Delivery step 2 Delivery step 3 Delivery step 4
DPD delivery

Shipping your bonsai

Depending on the weight and/or size, the parcel will be sent by the following carriers: Dpd or Geodis.

Average delivery time: 2/3 days. We only control the day of dispatch, not the day of delivery. You can specify by e-mail the date you would like us to dispatch your order.

During hot periods, we dispatch parcels at the beginning of the week for delivery at the end of the week at the latest, to avoid the trees remaining in warehouses that are not suitable for their good health/conservation.

During the summer, if weather conditions are not favourable (high temperatures/heatwave) we will postpone tree shipments until conditions are more favourable.

In autumn and winter, we ship trees every day. Except at weekends.

During the festive season, we will ship the trees.

When you receive your parcel

At the time of delivery, it is important to open the parcel in the presence of the delivery person, in order to check that the bonsai and its pottery are in good condition.

It will be imperative to make any complaint on the receipt of reserves (geodis) / claim (dpd), indicating precisely your observations and photos for a return and refund.