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The Autumn Camellia, "Camellia Sasanqua" blooms early and long, from October to February. The shrub, healthy and vigorous, offers flowers, single to semi-double, of a beautiful bright raspberry pink, enhanced by a heart of golden stamens. Since the 7th century, the sasanqua camellia has been cultivated in Asian gardens. Moreover, it was the Empress Josephine who made it known in France. It has a beautiful silhouette giving it a Japanese look that is very popular among bonsai enthusiasts. Its flower is used in some parts of China to flavor brewed tea. This is why the word "sasanqua" comes from the Chinese language which means "tea flower".

The Japanese Camellia is characterized by its pretty red, pink flowers and glossy, evergreen foliage. The flowering period lasts for a long time, from February to June.