Nandina Sacred Bamboo



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Nandina Sacred Bamboo

Nandina domestica, also known as "Sacred Bamboo", is a remarkable evergreen shrub that changes with the seasons from red to green to purple. Native to the wooded regions of India, China and Japan, it is the symbol of purification, widely used in Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arranging).

It colours your terrace wonderfully when grown in pots, in addition to the fact that it keeps its foliage, it is covered at the end of the season, with small red and shiny berries and a fresh and subtle white summer flowering. Its particularity also comes from its trunk, which is almost impossible to multiply. Generally, the species is upright or in a group. If it is all stems like bamboo, the resemblance ends there, despite its nickname, it has no botanical link with it and does not come from the same family.