Ficus retusa fir 3-2

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The ficus is an evergreen tree that is widespread in Asia. It is often considered an indoor bonsai because it can thrive in an apartment but only if it offers a lot of light.

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The Retusa ficus in bonsai is generally considered a beginner's tree because many enthusiasts have been introduced to this art with it. However, it has all the qualities to make great bonsai, especially when you choose a subject with a well-developed trunk.

Caring for a Retusa ficus in bonsai

Location : where there is a lot of light! Indoors next to a large south-facing bay window. Outside, full sun! During the winter it will need to be protected because it does not tolerate frost: put it in an unheated room or a cold greenhouse but always keep plenty of light (and avoid putting it next to the radiator).

Watering : abundant during hot weather, the rest of the time water when the top of the substrate is dry. Don't hesitate to mist the foliage for a long time when it's hot.

Substrate and repotting : soils draining with 1/3 organic matter. Repot in the spring, when the buds swell and new leaves appear.

Pruning : In early spring, remove unnecessary branches. During the growing season, prune to 5 to 7 leaves.

Fertilization : April to September.

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