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The Kiyohime Maple is certainly the variety that we appreciate the most among bonsai maples. Its natural ball-shaped habit and rapid densification make it a very rewarding bonsai as it immediately has the appearance of a dwarf tree in its pot.

+ Location: outdoor

+ Age: 20+ years old

+ Foliage: deciduous, reddish-green in spring, green in summer and yellow orange in autumn

Waist 40 cm
Location Outside
Age 25 ans
Foliage Deciduous
Height Entre 40 et 80 cm
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Kiyohime maple in bonsai

If you're looking for a bonsai maple that will look great in your collection, look no further! The Kiyohime is the archetype of what is known as the broom shape which evokes a peaceful tree in the middle of a field. It quickly develops a beautiful branching and the color change of its foliage is a delight. It is the ideal bonsai for both beginners and more experienced amateurs.

Kiyohime maple in bonsai, growing tips:

Location : Outdoors year-round, the kiyohime maple enjoys the sun. Choose a location in full sun in spring and fall to encourage branching and develop beautiful spring and fall colours. In summer, we advise you to give it an eastern exposure, with sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Indeed, it is an undergrowth tree that does not appreciate the scorching summer sun. In winter, we advise you to protect it from heavy frosts (below -3°C) which can be devastating for your tree (example: winter fleece, glass wool, mulch and wrap the pot with it to protect the roots) So, with this protection, you can leave it outside without any problem. 

Watering : Maple does not like dry water, so always keep the soil moist so water it regularly while letting the root ball dry out slightly between waterings to avoid excess water. Watering will be done very regularly, in hot weather, it's every day ! On the other hand, in winter, water according to the soil monitoring you do. Thanks to the rain and cold, you won't necessarily need to water regularly since the substrate will remain moist.

To do it right: Don't hesitate to water the entire root ball up to the roots, the water will drain through the holes under the pot or bathe it in water (drenching) for a few minutes, to be sure to water it well. We do not recommend putting a cup/container under your pot because the water will stagnate and can cause root rot.  (Too much water = asphyxiation).

Substrate and repotting : The kiyohime maple likes cool soils with a good share of organic matter. In the nursery, we use agricultural potting soil which is composed of black peat, blond peat, eco-aged, topsoil, horse manure, pozzolana. Repotting is done in the spring every 3/4 years, when the first leaves appear.   The ideal time is when the bonsai has started to grow. At this point, it will heal the root cuts faster and create new ones. Thus, avoid repotting in the middle of winter and autumn.

Size : During the growing season, the first pruning is done in May, do not hesitate to prune well and cut back to the side to prevent the maple from spreading, keep its rounded shape without touching the head, the leaves of the second shoot will be more resistant to the sun. Do the second pruning in the summer

Fertilization : In the nursery, we use blue tomato/flower fertilizer NPK 12 12 17. You can use some and put a handful (small or large depending on the size of the pot) on the substrate from May to October, every 2 months alternating chemical/organic.

» Complete Guide to Caring for a 'Kiyohime' Maple 

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