Acer buergerianum ab 3-14

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The Maple Burger is a deciduous bonsai, appreciated for its small size and leaf coloration in spring and fall. Its vigour and rapid growth allow it to obtain large trunks that express power.

+ Location: outdoors all year round
+ Age: 20 years old
+ Foliage colours: bronze, green, red, orange, yellow; sheds its leaves in winter
Waist 60 cm
Height Entre 40 et 80 cm
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Trident maple, or Burger maple in bonsai

It owes its name to the shape of its three-lobed leaves. It is a very robust tree that can grow up to 10 meters tall when grown in the ground. It tolerates severe pruning and withstands heat better than palmatum. In short, if you are looking for a bonsai maple that is easy to grow and that quickly gives an interesting result, then the Burger maple is for you!

The bark is very decorative and peels off in patches, revealing light orange areas. Burger maple is extremely vigorous, especially when grown in the ground, and you can get towering trunks with beautiful nebari quickly this way.

+ Family: Aceraceae
+ Origin: Japan, Korea, China
+ Bronze-coloured foliage in spring, dark green in summer and turning orange-yellow red in autumn.
+ Seedlings grown in the ground and then in pots

Growing Tips

Location : outdoors in all seasons. Protect the pot to prevent the roots from freezing in winter and protect it from the cold wind. The burger is less hardy than the palmatum, so it will be necessary to protect it in winter as soon as the temperatures drop below -3°C. On the other hand, it tolerates the sun quite well, but still prefer an eastern exposure to avoid overheating in the middle of summer. It handles hot winds quite well and the leaves are less likely to toast than other Japanese maples. But that's no reason to take unnecessary risks; Grow it in partial shade by watering regularly in summer. In spring and fall, you can put it in full sun to promote small internodes (spring) and beautiful orange colors (in fall).

Watering : abundant during hot weather, the rest of the time water when the top of the substrate is dry.

Substrate and repotting : Maple trees are understory species that thrive in cool soil. So avoid planting it in a substrate that drains too much or pottery that is too fine. Repot in the spring, when the buds begin to swell.

Pruning : During the winter, when the leaves have fallen, you can prune the structure and remove unnecessary branches. During the growing season, shorten the twigs to one pair of leaves with a good pair of scissors.

Fertilization : May to September. Don't give fertilizer too early as you'll encourage long shoots with large internodes. Ideally, wait until the first shoot is finished, prune and then start giving fertilizer.

To have beautiful colors in the fall, your Trident maple must have received some sun at the end of summer and a little cold at the beginning of winter. If you protect it too much from the sun, you won't have beautiful colors.

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