Metasequoia me-1-8

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The metasequoia , also known as the water fir, is a bonsai tree native to China that was thought to be permanently extinct on earth. It made headlines when it was discovered in 1941 in the Sichuan region of China.

+ Location: outdoors all year round
+ Age: 18+ years old
+ Foliage: deciduous

Waist 52 cm
Location Outside
Age 10 ans
Foliage Deciduous
Height Entre 40 et 80 cm
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Growing tips:

Location: Outside all year round, he loves the sun. In summer, choose a semi-shaded location so as not to expose it to the bright and scorching sun, which can lead to browning and drying out of its needles. Very hardy, it tolerates low temperatures but a root ball completely frozen for days carries a risk of drying out, protect it if necessary, especially beware of late frosts!

Watering: The Metasequoia loves water and needs a substrate that is always moist. However, water your tree regularly while allowing the root ball to dry out slightly between waterings to avoid excess water.

In spring/summer, watering will be done very regularly, in hot weather it is every day. See more! On the other hand, in winter, water according to the supervision of the soil. Thanks to the rain and cold, you won't necessarily need to water regularly since the substrate will remain moist.

Important: Don't hesitate to water the entire root ball down to the roots, the water will drain away through the holes under the pot or bathe the tree in water (drenching) for a few minutes, to be sure to water it well. We do not recommend putting a cup or container underneath your pot as the water will stagnate and can cause root rot. (Too much water = asphyxiation).

Substrate and repotting: In the nursery, we use agricultural potting soil which is composed of black peat peat, eco-aged, topsoil, horse manure and pozzolana. Repotting should be done every 2 years in March. Be sure to prune the roots well with each repotting.

Waist: The structure is pruned during the winter. Remove unsightly branches, those with too long internodes or those that have become too large at the top. The head of the Metasequoia is extremely strong, be sure to control the upward growth only if done at the expense of the branching.

- On a bonsai tree that is already in shape, pinch off the young shoots to block growth.

- On a bonsai in training, let the new ripening twigs grow and prune just above a branch.

Fertilization: In the nursery, we use blue tomato/flower fertilizer NPK 12 12 17. You can use some and put a handful (small or large depending on the size of the pot) on the substrate from May to October, every 2 months alternating chemical/organic.

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