Chamaerops humilis 1-9

€130.00 TTC
Data sheet

The bonsai dwarf palm "Chamaerops humilis" is a Mediterranean plant prized for its robustness and aesthetics. Very original in bonsai, it has characteristic palmate leaves and grows slowly, making it an ideal choice for bonsai shaping.

Waist 70
Location Outside but to protect from the freeze
Age 20 ans
Cultivation Advice

Outside all year round, protect from frost (below -3°C).

It appreciates a spot in the shade, especially in hot weather. In spring and autumn, it will need sun during the day.

Keep the substrate moist at all times. Water regularly, but leave the root ball to dry out slightly between waterings to avoid over-watering.

Don't hesitate to water the entire root ball right down to the roots - the water will drain out through the holes in the underside of the pot - or bathe the tree in water for a few minutes to make sure you water it right down to the roots.

We advise against putting a dish or container under your pot, as the water can stagnate and cause the roots to rot. 

In spring/summer, water regularly. In hot weather, water every day! In winter, on the other hand, water according to how the soil is monitored; thanks to the rain and cold, you won't necessarily need to water as the substrate will remain moist.

Re-pot in spring, every 3 years

In our nursery, we use agricultural compost (black peat blond peat, aged eco, topsoil, horse manure, pozzolan).

You can adapt your substrate by making a more draining mixture such as: akadama, pumice ...

The branches are pruned every year, so don't hesitate to prune severely in May/June to ensure good regrowth.

In the nursery we use NPK 12 12 17 blue fertiliser for tomatoes/flowers, to be used from May to October, every 2 months by putting a handful (small or large depending on the size of the pot) on the soil.