Bonsai apple tree "malus evereste" 1-10

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The apple bonsai, "Malus Evereste" is very popular thanks to its small decorative fruits, simple to grow, it grows quickly, its flowering and its small fruits are a real delight from spring to winter.

+ Location: Outdoors

+ Age: 15+ years old

+ Flowering in April/May; Color: pink/white

+ Foliage: deciduous (sheds leaves in winter)

Waist 60 cm
Location Outside
Age 18 ans
Foliage Deciduous
Height Entre 40 et 80 cm
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Growing Tips

Location: Outdoors all year round, it needs sun and light to produce fruit. This pretty tree is resistant to the cold of winter but as a precaution, protect the pot from sub-zero temperatures (winter fleece, glass wool, bubble wrap)

Watering: The apple tree needs a lot of water in the summer, and more when there is visible fruit. During flowering, be careful not to water the flowers as they can fall off precipitously.

Water it regularly while allowing the root ball to dry out slightly between waterings to avoid excess water. Watering will be done regularly, in hot weather, it's every day ! On the other hand, in winter, water according to the soil monitoring you do. Thanks to the rain and cold, you won't necessarily need to water regularly since the substrate will remain moist.

To do it right : Don't hesitate to water the whole root ball up to the roots, the water will drain through the holes under the pot or bathe it in water (drenching) for a few minutes, to make sure you water it well. We do not recommend putting a cup/container underneath your pot as the water will stagnate and can cause root rot. (Too much water = asphyxiation).

Substrate and repotting: In the nursery, we use agricultural potting soil composed of black peat, blond peat, eco-aged, topsoil, horse manure, pozzolana. Repotting should be done at least every 2 years at the beginning of March before bud break (time of year when the vegetative and floral buds develop to reveal their filling)

Pruning: The apple bonsai tree grows quickly, new shoots can be removed in summer as well as during the resting phase of the tree. Don't hesitate to remove a few small apples to avoid weakening the bonsai since it produces a lot of apples on each branch.

Fertilization: In the nursery, we use blue tomato/flower fertilizer NPK 12 12 17. Put a handful of them on the substrate (small or large depending on the size of the pot) from spring from May to October, every 2 months, alternating chemical/organic.

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