Amelanchier bonsai 1-6

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The Saskatoon bonsai marks the arrival of sunny days with its spring blooms. In summer, it develops an edible blue-black fruit, called "askatoon". In autumn, these pretty leaves turn a fiery red color.

+ Location: outdoors all year round

+ Origin: North America

+ Age: 12 years old

+ Foliage: Deciduous

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Serviceberry in bonsai

This deciduous tree is highly prized for its dazzling and thick blooms. Its robustness as well as its rapid growth make its cultivation accessible to beginners.

Did you know? We find the Serviceberry in North America, particularly in Canada. It is also found in Europe, Asia, in rather humid areas or along rivers.

Growing Tips

Location : outdoors in all seasons. In summer, if you live in a hot region, prefer an eastern exposure with morning sun and afternoon shade.

Watering : abundant during hot weather (every day), the rest of the time water when the top of the substrate is dry. Do not let the root ball dry out and avoid watering the leaves.

Substrate and repotting : fresh soils rich in organic matter. It is best to repot in the fall every 2 years

Pruning : To purify the structure of the Serviceberry, remove branches that cross each other, are too spindly (too long) or obstruct the center of the clumps. Prune right after flowering. Anticipate and cut off unsightly and inelegant epicormic regrowth (that appears along shortened branches or trunk). Remove the branches directly at their base or at the base of the anterior branch.

Fertilization : May to October every 2 months (NPK 12/12/17 complete blue fertilizer)

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The photos are contractual, i.e. the tree and pot you see in the photo is really the one you are going to receive. To find out the dimension, refer to the scale on the side. Each product is unique, so they are referenced by numbers to differentiate them.

We ship throughout France and neighbouring countries that are part of the EU and we take care to pack each bonsai in custom-made wooden crates or reinforced cartons. The tree is well protected and tied to prevent any risk of breakage.

Depending on the size and weight of your bonsai, shipping is carried out by specialised carriers: DPD & GEODIS

Our priority is that the delivery of your bonsai goes smoothly. For this, shipments are rarely made at the end of the week and never during heat waves, we regularly check and check the tracking of your packages.

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All bonsai are produced in our large nursery in Lot-et-Garonne. They are therefore perfectly adapted to the climate of France, which is not always the case with Japanese imports.

We have more than 1500 bonsai trees for sale at the nursery and tens of thousands under cultivation and work.