Charm "carpinus" 2-8

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The charm, "Carpinus" is one of the hardiest species. Very common in our countryside, it is also a great choice for those looking for an easy and trouble-free deciduous bonsai.

+ Location: outdoors all year round


Age: 18 years old
+ Origin: Europe
+ Leaf colour: Intense green in the vegetative period and yellow/red in autumn
Waist 40
Location Outside
Age 12 ans
Foliage Deciduous
Height Entre 25 et 40 cm
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Growing tips :

Location : outdoors all year round , you can leave it in full sun, especially in spring, but as soon as the hot weather arrives, it is preferable to install it in an east-facing location. As early as September, you can put it back on in full sun; Its leaves will gradually turn yellow and then turn brown. They will stay on the tree until the following spring (unless you remove them for pruning).

It is a species that tolerates frost quite well down to -10°C. Beyond that, it is imperative to protect the roots, for example by surrounding the pot with bubble wrap and placing it out of the wind.

Watering: Your bonsai will "do like a charm" if you give it enough water, but not too much either. As soon as the surface of the substrate is dry, you can water copiously, until the water drains through the drainage holes.

In summer, it's watering every day. For a small bonsai, it's even several times a day! That's why it's important not to grow in pottery that is too flat and not to put the tree in full sun when it's very hot.

Repotting: Every 2/3 years, early spring. At the nursery, we use a draining substrate but with a good proportion of organic matter in order to retain moisture and keep the soil cool (agricultural soil composed of black peat, blond peat, topsoil, horse manure, pozzolana).

Waist: In winter, do a structural pruning and during thegrowing season, from spring to fall, regularly prune the branches that protrude from the profile of the tree in order to make it branch

Fertilization : In the nursery, we use blue tomato/flower fertilizer NPK 12 12 17. You can put a handful on the substrate from May to October, every 2 months alternating chemical/organic.

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