Maple bonsai "acer butterfly" 1-6

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The Butterfly Maple is characterized by a fine variegated and chiselled foliage, it is formed by 5 slightly serrated lobes. From spring to summer, it is green-grey with white green to pinkish margins and turns yellow with red margins in autumn. Its young shoots are decidedly tinged with pink in spring.

+ Location: outdoors all year round

+ Age: 20 years old

+Foliage: deciduous

Waist 80 cm
Location Outside
Age 28 ans
Foliage Deciduous
Height Entre 80 et 100 cm
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Growing tips:

Location : outdoors in all seasons. In summer, if you live in a hot region, prefer an eastern exposure with morning sun and afternoon shade.

Watering : abundant during hot weather, the rest of the time water when the top of the substrate is dry. Do not let the root ball dry out and avoid watering the leaves.

Substrate and repotting : fresh soils rich in organic matter. Repot in the spring, when the buds swell and the first leaves appear.

Pruning : Pruning shoots and twigs can be done all year round. Strong branches should be harvested in autumn to avoid excessive sap loss, or in summer.

Fertilization : May to October every 2 months

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