Acer seiryu 1-2

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The Seiryu Maple, Acer Seiryu is a beautiful bonsai tree with its bright green foliage. It has a green lace look, becoming golden yellow and then orange in autumn which gives it a particular charm. Elegant and bright, it becomes year after year, a monument for your bonsai collection.

  • Location: Outdoors all year round
  • Age: 20+ years old
Waist 65 cm
Location Outside
Age 25 ans
Foliage Deciduous
Height Entre 40 et 80 cm
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Palmatum Seiryu maple in bonsai

+ Family: Aceraceae
+ Origin: Japan, Korea, China
+ Deeply indented foliage of a bright green in spring, which turns golden yellow to orange in autumn.
+ Seedlings grown in the ground and then in pots

Growing Tips

Location : outside in all seasons, protect the pot when temperatures are below zero. In summer, an eastern exposure is ideal to enjoy the morning sun, and protect it from the scorching sun during summer.

Watering : abundant during hot weather, the rest of the time water when the top of the substrate is dry.

Substrate and repotting : fresh soil with a good amount of organic matter. Repot in the spring when the first leaves come out.

Pruning : structure pruning in winter: during the growing season, shorten the twigs to a pair of leaves with a good pair of scissors.

Fertilization : May to September.

» Complete Guide to Caring for a Bonsai Maple

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