A bonsai tree under the tree!

"What are we going to get him for Christmas this year?"
And why not a bonsai? For the holidays, our nursery has prepared a few surprises for you to hide under the tree.


This year, bonsai is on the rise. A maple, a pine, an elm or a ficus... Discover our wide choice of trees to give or to give yourself a beautiful gift.  

Offering a small tree is the guarantee of giving a gift that lasts over time, as long as it is well taken care of. Some species are, of course, more fragile than others, but there are a large number of trees that are sometimes extremely resilient and require little maintenance.


This year, we have prepared a great selection of bonsai at low prices for the smartest as well as gift vouchers for the undecided.     

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This way, you will be able to choose the gift you need with just one click.

How to choose the right bonsai?               

 > Goodindoor aïs:

Ficus, Pepper and Zamia are very undemanding, they can live indoors as long as they are given a bright location towards a window sill, and regularly humid.

> Outdoor Bonsai:

  • MaplePrized by bonsai enthusiasts for their spectacular foliage in spring or fall, is ideal for outdoor use. During the winter, the leaves of the maple tree fall off to reveal fine branches. Easy to grow, it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced amateurs.

  • Conifers : Pine, Japanese cypress, juniper, cedar, redwood...   The latter are highly valued for their evergreen and delicate foliage . Always placed outdoors, they can withstand both the lowest and the highest temperatures without any problems. Their very hard and resistant woods allow you to create dead wood of the Jin or Shari type that will give the impression of age to your bonsai. It is an art in which everything is an illusion, one gives the appearance of having an old and venerable tree thanks to adapted cultivation and maintenance techniques. Their wood is also supple, which allows for more extraordinary shapes than other trees.

  • Bonsai with flowers and fruits : Azalea, Apple tree, Camellia, Nandina, Loropetalum, Japanese quince... They are definitely everyone's favorite bonsai thanks to their beautiful foliage and flowers. It's a magical moment,   the culmination of a year of cultivation. Perfectly acclimatized, their cultivation is quite easy and their rapid evolution over   the years makes them a relevant choice for both beginners and experienced bonsaikas. 


  • Deciduous Bonsai: Chinese Elm, Oak, Hornbeam, Ginkgo, Vine, Hackberry... Their leaves change color in the fall and fall off. You will then enjoy a special moment with beautiful colors in shades of yellow and orange. After this season, the bonsai lays itself bare and lets you admire its branching. Vigorous, they are easy to grow and maintain.


A little extra in your package! 

To help the recipient or yourself, who may be lost initially, a care guide on the variety will be in addition to your package. It will be useful to help understand the different necessary cultivation parameters (location, substrate, watering, fertilizer, etc.)